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The only self-service platform,, employs artificial intelligence to produce original ad creatives for companies and marketers. announced that it has joined forces with iStock by Getty Pictures. This collaboration will allow companies and advertisers to transform premium stock images into conversion-focused, data-backed ad banners., available in over 44 nations and utilized by over 30,000 advertisers, is the first self-service platform in the world that uses artificial intelligence to create original ad creatives.

Co-founder and CEO of Tufan Gok argues that the platform’s success is due in part to the fact that it not only uses artificial intelligence to produce creatives that convert but also helps businesses save time and money. It is easy to use. Users decide what they want to make the advertising for after uploading their logo and choosing their brand colors, and the AI quickly creates the necessary conversion-focused ad creatives.

Gok explains, “It’s like having a graphic designer who is educated to create advertising materials that may generate revenue. It is extremely scalable and allows for the creation of as many creatives as necessary. It can be integrated with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

And Gok asserts that the advertising environment is set to get even more fascinating now that the business has joined with Getty Images.

“Getty Photos is unquestionably the biggest and greatest paid stock picture marketplace online, and now our members may access their images. Unquestionably, the inclusion of millions of high-quality photographs will improve the overall caliber of the commercials produced. The greatest photos for their creatives may now be found on just one site, eliminating the need for anybody to now search through other platforms. The news is really great for our advertisers!

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Regarding the Company

Engineer and real marketing enthusiast Tufan Gok, CEO and Co-Founder of, heads GrowthYouNeed, one of the fastest-growing marketing firms in Paris. The only platform with artificial intelligence that creates original ad creatives for businesses in a matter of seconds is, which took two years to build. The platform, which is utilized by over 30,000 advertisers and is accessible in over 44 countries, is regarded as a “Innovative Company” by the French government and invests the majority of its earnings in R&D.

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