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With the help of BHuman, an Artificial intelligence -powered video platform, you can create tens of thousands of customised videos that appear and feel authentic. The ability to produce tailored videos at scale has never been easier thanks to Artificial intelligence. BHuman can create customized films using clones of your voice and face.

Simply record yourself reciting a narrative with brief breaks around the terms you want personalized, such as the recipient’s name, industry, or product, to get started. Additionally, you may add more information for each unique factor by uploading your own worksheet or using Zapier to get information from your CRM. As you enter the information for a new lead, you will then be able to immediately create a personalized video.

Create customised films in three simple steps and send them to thousands of recipients

The video links can be downloaded and included to your customized cold outreach. Alternatively use the platform to email or SMS them to your contact list. With customised product demos, BHuman makes it simple to automatically re-engage dormant leads or activate brand-new ones. By connecting this platform to your preferred apps using Zapier, you can automate great tasks like sending customized videos to customers who abandon their carts and optimize your workflow.

Link BHuman to your preferred apps to automatically create customized videos

Being camera-averse? Look for avatars of actors, influencers, and celebrities to use in your films. Or request that the BHuman team select an actor for you! In order to expand the reach of your marketing campaign beyond a single face and voice, you will also be able to build actor profiles for every member of your staff. The Artificial intelligence personalisation is sophisticated enough to manage variations in traits like facial hair, skin tone, and many other things.

The best part is that BHuman can produce over 1,000 individualized videos in less than an hour, allowing you to quickly produce as many as you require. Also, you don’t have to worry about spamming links anywhere you submit your movies because this platform hosts all of your Artificial intelligence -personalized videos on Vimeo. Also, you’ll be able to use customized films for conventional sales, such as birthday greetings for clients and donors, webinar invitations, and thank-you movies for donations.

Input data to produce customised videos at scale for every situation

You don’t necessarily want everyone to know that you’re automating your tailored video marketing with Artificial intelligence. “Well, it kind of looks like me,” said the speaker. To help you quickly establish more relationships, BHuman creates bespoke movies that appear and feel as though they were made by a real person. Automatize your video marketing. Get BHuman lifetime access now! 

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