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ClosersCopy – The AI writing tool to assist you in creating content faster than ever


Writer’s block affects writers and content creators much too frequently these days. They occasionally struggle with being creative, which is when AI writing tools are useful. If you need to write an ad description, sales copy, a blog piece, or even an email but don’t know where to begin, utilize an AI writing tool, and it will do it for you in no time. Their incredible capacity for creating content that is almost human-like is what sets them apart. This is why we’re here today to examine ClosersCopy, one of the top AI writing tools that has recently attracted a lot of attention. To determine if this tool is appropriate for you or not, read through to the conclusion. Thus, let’s begin without further ado.

ClosersCopy is not just an AI writing program, since it offers you help with content search and writing. It has a huge library of templates that you can use to write content for your business and website. As ClosersCopy is user-friendly for beginners, it may be utilized by both experienced and novice writers. With this tool, you can quickly produce sales text, Facebook ads, blog articles, emails, Google Ads, and more.

You may easily use this tool to boost your website’s traffic and conversion rates while saving money that you might otherwise spend on a copywriting specialist. Nico Engler, a professional copywriter, developed the platform itself with the goal of enabling businesses to quickly create content without having to hire a professional copywriter. For the benefit of everyone who needs to automate their content workflow, he developed this platform on his own.

How ClosersCopy works is really easy and simple to understand. To access the members area, log in to your ClosersCopy user account. Once in the dashboard, you’ll be taken to the projects page. You can create unlimited number of items as you like and save them separately in different projects. To start a new project, all you have to do is click the “New” button in the “Project Files” section.

After you have created the project, all you need to do is open it and you will be provided with the empty ClosersCopy editor. On the right sidebar of the page there are all the templates for content creation. There are also some tools listed that can help you create the content you need. Clicking an option opens it on the same screen, so you don’t have to jump to another tab to access it. You can easily switch back and forth between the editor and the module.


ClosersCopy Key Features

Compete Feature

The most recent addition to ClosersCopy is the Compete feature. You can use this feature to conduct keyword research on any topic. You will receive information based on a comparison of the top-ranking pages for a given keyword. It will also extract all the data from a competitor’s URL, including headings, content, and other crucial information, if you simply copy-paste the competitor’s URL into the search box. Simply enter any keyword, choose a language, and press the search button to use this feature.

You can click on any of the top-ranking pages to view the content they have to offer. It will display a list of all the pages with the highest rankings. You can see the total number of words, sentences , paragraphs and that each heading tag has covered, and it will display all of the heading tags in a manner similar to an outline. Any heading tag that you click on will display the material that it has covered. Under the questions area, you can view the queries they’ve addressed for that particular keyword.



The “Compose” feature gives you the possibility to write the content using AI. All you need to do to use it is to enter the keyword, select the language and click the “Search” button, and you’ll find the headings and sections you need to cover for that keyword. You don’t have to research your competitors individually, because the function does an automatic research of all headings for you and presents them in this section. Based on all the information, it will also provide a draft for the same keyword. It nevertheless produces high-quality stuff. Nevertheless, as there is no intent component, you cannot direct the AI to write in a particular tone.


Drag & Drop Feature

Moreover, a drag-and-drop feature of ClosersCopy lets you easily pull any element onto the duplicate you want to create. Use a combination of headlines in your material and use them as sales text with the drag-and-drop function. To use it effectively, you must modify the settings of this function. For example, you are prompted to enter the problem, the solution and the intended result of the problem. All categories are covered by the drag and drop builder, so you can quickly design a tone that will address the questions of your visitors. Following your input, it will provide a variety of contents for you based on that data. Even though not all the copies will be flawless, you will eventually locate the one you need. If not, you might request that the AI make extra copies.



The AI can write as much information as you like in the Longform function because there are no limitations on AI usage there. With this tool, you simply need to provide a content brief (which is optional), choose creativity, output on a scale of 1 to 100, and the quantity of words you want AI to create. Once all of this information has been entered, all that is left to do is click “Write” or press “CTRL+Enter.” If you’ve kept the content concise, the AI will have an easier time understanding its purpose and will likely create the information in a similar style to yours. The stuff the AI generates should also be checked because it is not always accurate. Once the article is finished, simply review it from top to bottom and make any necessary edits. You always have the option of rephrasing the entire text if you don’t like it.


Copywriting Frameworks

Frameworks are a collection of many formulas developed as guidelines. These structures can help you create stronger duplicates. These copywriting frameworks contain a variety of modules, and you can filter them out based on your requirements. Use the criteria to locate the ideal structure if you want to generate more content that is SEO-focused. AIDA, BAB, PAS, Bullet Points, Books, Titles, Products, Challenges, Introductions, Conclusions, and others are examples of copywriting frameworks. The particular Google Ads framework can be used to create Google Ads as well. To use a framework, you only need to choose it from the dashboard. Enter the product description after that, select the number of outputs and creativity (between 0 and 100), and then sit back and watch the AI work its magic.


Template Library

The template library of ClosersCopy has a number of different templates. These templates enable you to quickly produce whatever type of material you desire. You may use it to write emails, landing pages, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, social media posts, sales sites, and other types of content. You can use many components in the templates as well. Thesaurus (synonyms), sentence spam score, improvements, voice analyzer, density, and power & sensory words are among these components.


Copy Wizard

You can discover various templates to compose different sections of an article in the copy wizard area. Simply select one of these templates, and new, original content will be automatically searched for and added to the area. It will request that you alter a few texts and the voice before producing the information you require. Story, cart abandonment, ultimate sales letter, sales copy, quickstart, perfect email, FAQ, free report, software update, and more are just a few of Copy Wizard’s templates. Also, you can utilize the copy wizard to get instructions on how to use this tool’s functions correctly.

In conclusion, Closerscopy is a one-stop destination for AI-generated content. Consider Closerscopy if you’re searching for an AI writer that can assist you with your blog entries, social media postings, and even ad copy.

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