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Dall-E Mini – Your craziest dreams (and nightmares) are brought to life by an AI


The Internet, in particular, is a goldmine of material for nightmares. The recently launched AI tool called Dall-E Mini has been getting attention on social media for the peculiar, amusing, and occasionally frightening graphics it produces in accordance to text prompts. A few seconds after inputting a brief phrase into Dall-E Mini, the algorithm will produce an image that, at theory, exists only in your mind’s eye. You’ve definitely seen some Dall-E Mini photographs pop up in your social media feeds as individuals responded with the most bizarre prompts they could think of, such as Yoda plundering a convenience shop or Jon Hamm munching ham.

The intersection of artificial intelligence and art has previously drawn interest on the internet. It’s fascinating to see how an algorithm handles something as subjective as art. For example, in 2016, actor Thomas Middleditch put together a short film based on a screenplay generated by an algorithm. Many tools that connect art with AI have been developed by Google. The company’s Arts & Culture app in 2018 allowed users to discover artistic doubles. Alternatively, Google’s AutoDraw can interpret your scribbles and correct any mistakes it finds. In addition to its own publicly available Dall-E 2 system, OpenAI also has Google’s Imagen and Parti, both of which are not being made available to the general public. What you need to know about the AI-created artwork on Dall-E Mini.

What is Dall-E Mini?

The AI model Dall-E Mini generates graphics in response to your commands. The program was allegedly developed by developer Boris Dayma in July 2021 as an element of a contest held by Google and the Hugging Face AI organization. Dayma did not immediately respond with a statement.

How does it work? 

Anyone can enter a prompt and press the “run” button, albeit they might receive an error warning regarding tool traffic and have to retry. Nine photographs will be displayed in a 3×3 grid as the Dall-E Mini’s output. The technology was trained on “unfiltered material from the internet,” according to a comment about it on the company’s website. 

DALL-E: Is it Free? What About Credits’ Function? 

You will earn 50 credits when you first sign up for DALL-E, a generous amount that provides you a chance to become acquainted with the AI. That translates to 50 generations. You get 4 photos for each generation, but even if you rush through numerous repeats in an effort to attain an exact result, it still completes quickly.

Open the settings menu, which is represented by three horizontal dots at the top right of the window, to view your credits. Your login name and email will be listed below your remaining credits. You get extra credits each month, so don’t worry, but you could find the monthly cap of 15 free credits to be too onerous. Additionally, keep in mind that free credits do not accrue. Either you use them or you don’t. Open the settings menu, then select Purchase credits to purchase additional credits if necessary.

A window will appear where you can select the number of credits you wish to purchase. 115 credits cost $15 at the time of writing, and you can add more in increments of 115 credits. Hence, each generation costs approximately 13 cents. Consider that DALL-E produces four photos simultaneously, reducing the cost per image to 3 cents. In some instances, a request to DALL-E may result in a single image, increasing the cost of some tools.

Free credits expire each month, whereas premium credits expire after one year. It is important to only order what is necessary. There do not appear to be any cost reductions associated with purchasing in bulk through the online automated approach. For instance, selecting 11,500 credits from the order window displays a price of $1,500, which is equivalent to approximately 13 cents per generation. If you anticipate use DALL-E in large quantities, you can contact OpenAI’s sales team. This makes sense only for firms with multiple staff, but it never hurts to inquire if you need to generate thousands of photographs.

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