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DeepSwap – Online Deepfake Tool powered by Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) has developed into a common technology in recent years, with countless applications in almost every industry. One particularly interesting use has been the development of so-called deepfakes, artificial media whereby an individual in a preexisting video or image is replaced with someone else by Artificial intelligence. The earliest deepfakes were built by Artificial intelligence professionals, and they took a long time and effort to create. Since then, a ton of deepfake creation programs have appeared, and DeepSwap is one of the greatest of them. Almost anyone can now make deepfakes with a few easy clicks.

Using DeepSwap to Create Deepfakes

DeepSwap’s major objective is to open up sophisticated deepfake technology to everyone, and it successfully does this. You’ll see two things once you launch DeepSwap in your internet browser: A sample film showcasing the tool’s capabilities will be shown first. Second, there is a noticeable “Make your own video” option that you may use to get started. While utilizing DeepSwap to create your own deepfake, you must first upload the video, picture, or GIF that you wish to exchange.

Images up to 10 MB in size, GIFs no bigger than 15 MB, and films up to 100 MB in size and 120 seconds in length are all acceptable file types for upload. The next step is to select the face you want to use in place of the original. You can play around with some preset faces, but what you really want to do is click the Create button to start creating your own. Don’t worry; the procedure is really easy, and DeepSwap handles all the labor-intensive tasks. Last but not least, you allow for DeepSwap to use its cutting-edge AI technology to produce a realistic deepfake that you can subsequently distribute to others.

Can DeepSwap Provide Results That Are Convincing?

Many approache DeepSwap with some hesitance since no one is sure of how convincing the results it would create because DeepSwap is a relatively new deepfake technology. To many people’s astonishment, DeepSwap quickly and reliably generates deep fakes that are just as convincing as deep fakes generated by considerably less user-friendly technologies. Of course, there will be a few bugs here and there, but this is true of almost all deepfake technologies. What matters most is that the bugs don’t prevent anyone from using the produced deepfakes.

What is the cost of DeepSwap?

DeepSwap is a paid service with two options to select from. The 12-month plan was reduced from $99.99 per year to $49.99 per year at the time of writing this review, while the 1-month package was reduced from $19.99 per month to merely $9.99 per month. All premium users receive 20 credits each month, priority processing, unlimited swaps, and unlimited photo uploads. A 15-second video clip or a complete GIF can be uploaded for one credit each when using credits to post videos and GIFs. DeepSwap accepts payments using PayPal, so you can use your PayPal balance or with a credit or debit card.

Final Thoughts

Overall, DeepSwap is a fantastic option for anyone looking to quickly and easily produce believable deepfakes. It’s unfortunate that there are just subscription choices available, but the quality and usability of this application make up for its high price. The developers of DeepSwap will eventually make it possible to buy a predetermined amount of credits for a predetermined cost.

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