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LongShot AI – Generate Fact-Checked Content with Artificial intelligence

LongShot AI

Content marketing is crucial to a company’s success. Writing original articles might be difficult, though. Lucky for us, Artificial intelligence has intervened and improved the quality of our lives by introducing tools like LongShot AI. Let’s see what all the excitement is about and whether LongShot AI is the best writing assistant.

LongShot AI is a content production tool that uses artificial intelligence to assist you generate articles easily and quickly. It is an all-in-one writing tool that also serves as social networking and campaign management software, according to its website. It provides solutions for creating original and verifiable content. Anushree Bishnoi and Ankur Pandey from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India launched LongShot Ai in 2020. LongShot Ai does more than just write material. It also does market research, keyword searches, trends analysis, and creates consumer insights, among other things.

Teams can quickly go from concept to creative, tailored, fact-checked SEO content using LongShot AI. Particular attention is paid by LongShot AI to problems with long-form content, such as hallucinations, factual inaccuracies, and staleness in AI material. By combining consumer data, online data, and other AI algorithms, we achieve this.

To address the issue of producing long-form material, LongShot AI was founded. This include doing background research on the subject, developing a content brief, writing the content itself, and then optimizing it for brand voice, SEO, readability, originality, etc.LongShot AI is designed for:

  • PR teams
  • Content agencies
  • Freelance content writers
  • Content marketing teams

These three important factors demonstrate that this AI-powered system is far more intelligent than conventional approaches:

  • It is a comprehensive platform for researching, producing, and optimizing your content.
  • You can input your data to educate LongShot AI and utilize it to write the most recent, real-time content.
  • LongShot AI verifies the accuracy of your work and offers references and citations.


To sum up, is a fantastic tool for authors across all levels and fields. It may help you create long-form articles faster while still producing high-quality material thanks to its user-friendly design, long-form content generator, collaborative editor, fact-checking tool, and Chrome extension. Thus, if you’re searching for an AI writer to assist with the creation of long-form material, is definitely worth a look!

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