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The content that is generated by AI has recently become both impressive and contentious. It pushes the boundaries of what humans are able to accomplish with nothing more than a mouse and keyboard if we put in the effort and draw from those latent wells of creative potential. With today’s artificial intelligence, anything from video footage to audio tuning, voiceovers, and even digital artwork is fair game.

In this piece, we will discuss what is, what it is capable of doing, cost, the benefits and drawbacks of using the tool, and whether or not it is worth your investment.

What is

Artificial intelligence video creation platform Synthesia aims to offer consumers a more cost-effective substitute to conventional video making resources and methods. It makes high-quality video production easy to access with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to pay video editors and rent studio space.

For individuals with less expertise creating videos, Synthesia’s abundance of premade templates will be a huge help. It’s straightforward enough to be used for ad hoc social media tailored videos, digital marketing films, YouTube videos, school assignments, or onboarding explainer videos. However, it is also strong enough to support demanding users who want to produce professional videos at home.

The various capabilities of


  • Text to speech features: With its wide range of high-quality voices and support for many different languages, Synthesia is an excellent TTS solution that will do away with the necessity for recording. Simply finish writing your screenplay and hand it off to the AI presenter of your choosing to read.
  • Custom-made AI avatars: You may bring your script to life without having to appear in front of the camera by using these customized avatars, or “digital actors.” No more justifications for being timid!
  • Built-in screen recorders and customizable templates: Synthesia has got you covered if you want to record your screen and experiment with some ready-made video themes. Forget about using other programs like OBS because you can do everything you need to in this one program.


  • The feedback from users has been overwhelmingly favorable. No one has come across such a thing that would be considered a con. Everything works great.

Synthesia IO Pricing

Synthesia AI provides its customers with a video platform known as Synthesia Studio, which is available via subscription. For the modest cost of just $30 each month, you have the ability to produce an endless number of films.

The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Personal: $30
  • Corporate: Contact Synthesia
  • Create Your Own Avatar: $1,000

Yes, for a one-time payment of $1,000, you can purchase a deepfaked avatar that looks exactly like you so you may fake your way to fame.

Import Powerpoints 

Add background music 

25+ pre-built Templates 

Supports 60+ Languages 

The text-to-video feature 

10 video credits per month 

Upload your own custom background 

Add screen recordings while making videos 

So, without spending money on expensive equipment, you can quickly produce more movies for your company utilizing this AI-based video producer. In all seriousness, the Synthesia Studio setup allows you to reach millions of people.

Is Synthesia AI Worth It?

Yes, Synthesia AI enables you to produce top-notch, expert videos and is entirely legitimate. This program will make it simple and quick to complete your tasks, whether you need it for client onboarding, corporate communications, training, or marketing videos. Since you won’t need to pay any expert video editors, you can also save a ton of money. In conclusion, Synthesia AI is the way to go if you need to create videos.

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